InfoGov Basics – Information Governance

As the digital landscape, social media and increased regulatory obligations continue to evolve, so should your Information Governance strategy. This site helps you to understand the steps, and the benefits, of implementing an effective program. Find out where Information Governance matters most in your organisation so you can minimise cost and risk to gain maximum value.

What’s Information Governance?

Gartner describes it as ‘the effective and efficient use of information in enabling an organisation to achieve its goals.’ It all starts with understanding what structured and unstructured information you have, where it is and why you need it. It’s the foundation to take control of all of your information.

Information Governance Resources

This collection of free assets provides information on the benefits, challenges, technologies, essential steps and best practices of effective Information Governance. There’s also a comprehensive Glossary to explore to get familiar with Information Governance terminology

GDPR eBook

There’s lots of conversation about GDPR today, with complex requirements and lots of detail to understand. Essentially, what should be top of mind is that this will impact business as you know it, from IT to marketing and beyond. This new ebook will help you to prepare.

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