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Are you Ready for GDPR?

Information Governance – GDPR eBook$20 million or 4% of your annual revenue? That probably sent chills down your spine. Not to mention the 72 hour report window for security breaches. The General Data Protection Regulations (GRPR) are indeed rigorous. Undoubtedly, the most important message now is PREPARE WELL.

It’s common knowledge that GDPR compliance prep requires hiring a Data Protection officer(DPO). Though he/she will be primarily responsible for the compliance process, the GDPR will affect every department throughout the entire organization. This brings to mind major questions to ponder. Take for example human resource department? What questions should be considered if employees can have access to sensitive information about themselves such as criminal records and background checks?

Read the InfoGov GDPR Basics eBook to find the answers to those questions and more as the EU GDPR implementation date draws nearer.

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